Air charter flying offers passengers unsurpassed convenience and flexibility.

  • Save Time – No lines. No waiting. No lengthy check-in procedures. No hassles. Fly direct to your destination. You set your schedule. And we service many airports that offer no scheduled airline service.
  • Save Money – Cover different destinations and be home that same day- no unnecessary overnight stays. Unlike many of our competitors, our service is subject to:
    • No Federal Excise Tax (FET) (P68C)
    • No Segment Tax (P68C)
  • Drop-offs / pick-ups / multiple-stops / day trips for business or pleasure are all available.
  • Pet Friendly – Many pets can travel with you, not in a crate with the luggage.
  • Cargo – Overnight not fast enough? Call Air Key West for immediate airport to airport delivery of urgent packages.

About Chartering…

Private charters are ON-DEMAND- the itinerary is set by you. We fly at the day and time of your convenience, to and from anywhere you wish.

When you charter, you charter the aircraft, not just a seat on the aircraft. However, for smaller parties and if you so desire, we can place your name on a “SHARE” list, whereby you can split the fare with another party. If interested in charter sharing, please let us know and we will add your name to the SHARE list and attempt to pair you with another party wanting to travel the same approximate day and time. You have no obligation to take a flight and are not required to place a deposit for adding your name to the share list. If we are able to pair you with another party, we will contact you and complete the reservation at that point, if you are still interested.

Additionally, we often have empty “POSITIONING” legs available, when placing the airplane to pick up passengers, or when returning to Key West after a drop off. To check availability of empty legs, simply give us a call.